Introduction to Python

Learning Objectives:

  • To learn if you have the time, interest, and learning style necessary to succeed in this course.
  • To learn how to install Python on your computer.
  • To learn about high quality online Python learning resources.
  • To learn how to use the PyDev integrated development environment for Python.
  • To learn how to use elementary features of Python.
  • To learn about Python standard style (PEP8)


These are the primary online resources used in the assignments associated with this module. Provided here for ease of future access.

Experiential Learning:

To achieve the learning objectives associated with this module, we have designed a set of “experiences” in the form of assignments. For planning purposes, each assignment includes an estimated time to complete it.  Please note that novices to Python will probably require around 13 hours to complete this entire module, so be sure to budget your time accordingly!