Get Started

Welcome to Serious Game Development with Python, Django, and Makahiki.  We hope you will enjoy this course and learn a lot from it.

To get started, please do the following:

1. Register.  If you are not a UH student, you can register through Outreach College.   All materials for the course will be publicly available, so you do not have to register to get access to them.  However, if you do not register, then your work will not be reviewed and you will not have an economic/academic incentive to learn the material.

2. Review the course website.  Be sure to look through the pages that have been published so far to learn a bit more about the course and assess its suitability to your needs.

3. Post an introduction to yourself to the course discussion list. Include your name, your corporate affiliation and/or UH major/standing, and little bit about why you are interested in the course.  Much of the course communication will occur through the discussion list so you will want to make sure you receive an email each time a posting is made. Unfortunately, you cannot join the discussion group using your account.  You’ll need to sign up using a gmail account.   If you need to create a gmail account specifically for this purpose, make sure to forward all of its mail to your account so that you receive postings in a timely manner.

4. Get started on the Python module.

Feel free to contact Philip Johnson if you have any questions. See the Contact page.